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Minor Defect 4FT Whip

Minor Defect 4FT Whip

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Lightning 4FT Whip
Midnight 4FT Whip

These whips have a minor defect that was discovered after being fully built.  Our testing process for our custom hand built whips is very stringent which requires us to only reason the best quality whips.  Due to the time and materials it takes to fully build out a whip we do not disassemble the whip and replace the minor defect due to the defect being extremely minor and may appeal to someone looking for a discounted product.  After the minor defect is discovered it is placed in this category.  Minor defects include no more than (3) LED’s out of nearly 450 LED’s within the strip not working or displaying a different color than the rest of the whip, waterproof coating on the LED strip peeling during the application of the ultra clear heat shrink, and/or minor imperfections.


Whips listed in the “minor defect” category are sold “as is” and do not come with a warranty.  These whips are fully functional and do not have an overwhelming defect that alters its functionality when it comes to colors and patterns while in use.  If you desire more photos of each whip, please contact us and we will do our best to send videos/photos at your request.


Lighting Edition 4FT Whip (1)

Midnight Edition 4FT Whip (2)


- updated 11/9/23

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