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Blue Line Whips

Rock Lights

Rock Lights

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Our rock lights are not only bright, but they're one of the most unique rock lights in the industry and will be sure to turn heads.  Not only can you chose from solid colors, but you can also choose chasing functions EXACTLY like our whips.  Our rock lights have been engineered to use the same Bluetooth controller as our whips so you’ll have all your settings in one easy App! Our rock lights have a 210 degree wide angle design which allows better coverage than your tradition rock light which only has about 180 degrees of coverage! Ready to stand out in the crowd and light the way?!  

- 24 ultra bright LED’s per pod

- Angled housing for optimal light output

- Durable aluminum housing 

- Wired in series with each other for easy installation

- Over 300 color/pattern combinations 

- Can be wired to your brakes and turn signals


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